Roads Less Traveled.


As I recall, the seed was planted for EOI shortly before I left for the Military, some 30 plus years ago.

It was a cold winters day, slightly warmer in the rural garage of a family friend. His name was Oley. 


Oley proudly lifted the blanket off an old Indian "Hill Climber". My eyes immediately focused in on the gigantic rear sprocket wrapped in a seemingly never ending chain. I'm finally seeing the bike, the bike my old man spoke of. With my full attention, he points to a weathered and worn leather strap. In his booming, yet calm voice, he says: "That's the Kill Switch Strap...  shuts her down if you fall off". That day, that moment, I will never forget.   


 After the Army. I moved back to Central Illinois to raise my family. In 1995, during a layover in Chicago waiting for a Southbound train, I picked up a local cycle trader magazine.  I was in awe of the old vintage bikes that were offered. 

In 1999, after relocating with my Rail Road job to the St Louis area,  I felt it was time to begin my search for an old bike. This search led me to Virginia and hauling back a 1940 Military Indian Chief .


 In 2001, with the help from many great people, I was riding OL'Green


Like most motorcycle enthusiasts, I like to wear motorcycle T-Shirts.

 I've had ideas for T-Shirt designs for quite some time, with encouragement from friends and family, I decided to get some T-Shirts printed. This was the start to Elders Of Iron. With my designs, my goal is to pay tribute to the past, present, and future of vintage motorcycling. 

Enjoy the ride!


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