$8.00 USA Priority Mail SHIPPING

Order at least $75.00 receive free shipping

Unfortunately, I'm not Amazon...USPS Priority Mail Only. I've never had a problem with them ...I don't like problems ,so thats how I ship.

Its not cheap.... I still eat part of the shipping cost.. every time! but hey I'm happy you like my designs.  I Ship in a "double bagged" bag! Or bagged in a box. No cheap-o ship here, my OCD won't allow that! Plus ya get some cool freebies to amaze your friends and family with. Heck Ya!!!

Shipping USA and APO - FPO 


I'm stoked that you like my EOI shirts enough to fork over your hard earned cash, so why would I make returns a hassle?

Having said that, I field tested this brand of shirts for about two years. I gave them to friends to wear and wash and never had a complaint. If your on the border (size wise), go bigger and enjoy the elbow room!


"Your Happy, I'm Happy". If it's not right, I'll make it right! As soon as possible. The only delay in making it right would be if the item is not in stock. If that's the case I will keep you well notified. 

I work afternoons at my real job so I'm not always available. Please be patient!